SEPTEMBER 23-24, 2014, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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Day 1, September 23

10:00-10:20Opening Ceremony

Morning Session
Chair: Katsuhiro Nakamura

10:20-10:55Rami Band. Universality of the momentum band density of periodic graphs.
10:55-11:30Jiri Lipovsky. Eigenvalue asymptotics for the damped wave equation on metric graphs.

Coffee Break (11:30-12:00)

12:00-12:35Zarif Sobirov. Nonlinear evolution equations and soliton transport on metric graphs.
12:35-13:00Doniyor Babajanov. Ballistic soliton transport in “fat” graphs in the shrinking limit.

Lunch break (13:00-14:00)

Afternoon Session
Chair: Bakhodir Abdullaev

14:00-14:35Shogo Tanimura. Uncertainty relation between angle and orbital angular momentum: Interference experiment using electron vortex beams.
14:35-15:10Toyohiko Ishida. Origin of temperature gradient in nonequilibrium steady state on a weak coupled quantum spin system.
15:10-15:30Karim Sabirov. Stationary Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation on Metric Graphs.
15:30-16:00Bazar Babajanov. On the periodic Toda lattice with an integral-type source.

Coffee Break (16:00-16:30)

16:30-17:05Davron Matrasulov. Relativistic wave equations on networks.
17:05-17:40Davran Otajanov. Second harmonic generation in branched optical structures.

Day 2, September 24

Morning Session
Chair: Shogo Tanimura

9:00-9:35Katsuhiro Nakamura. Optical solitons and their application to network protocols .
9:35-10:10Bakhodir Abdullaev. Perturbative hydrodynamic Gross - Pitaevskii treatment for Bose-Einstein condensate in infinite length ring with disorder.
10:10-10:45Bakhtiyor Baizakov. Interaction of solitons in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate and formation of soliton molecules.
10:45-11:10Usman Sapaev. Low-order harmonics by high intense multi colour laser filed under and below ionization threshold in noble gases.

Coffee Break (11:10-11:40)

11:40-12:15Erik Eriksson. Non-Fermi-Liquid Manifold in a Majorana-Kondo Device.
12:15-12:40Boris Oksengendler. Nanocatalysis: a hypothesis about the mechanism of action of gold.
12:40-13:05Atabek Atamuratov. Features of the charge image reading by measurement of lateral C-V dependence of submicron MNOSFET.

Lunch break (13:05-14:05)

Afternoon Session
Chair: Uktam Salomov

14:05-14:40Uktam Salomov. Fermi acceleratioin in kicked square billiard.
14:40-15:00Saparboy Rahmonov. Particle dynamics in kicked quantum square billiard.
15:00-15:35Alisher Yakhshimuratov. On the system of Kaup’s equations with a self-consistent source.

Coffee Break (16:05-16:35)

16:35-17:00Jambul Yusupov. Directed transport in vibrating chain and graphs.
17:00-17:25Maksad Akhmedov. Linear KdV equation on metric graphs.



























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